About Us

Dulwich Acupuncture is a private holistic clinic founded in 1990. We have certain ideals that we believe in and ways in which we try to achieve them. We see these ideals not as separate from each other, but as an integrated whole.

Providing the best possible holistic treatment for our patients

The practitioners that work at Dulwich Acupuncture are experienced and fully qualified. All professional guidelines and safety standards are adhered to and any equipment used is of the highest standard. All practitioners are fully committed to Continuing Professional Development, which means they are constantly working to improve their knowledge and skills by undertaking further study and training.

Health and the environment

This is a beautiful and amazing planet surrounded by a delicate thin atmosphere which sustains our lives. This planet is our home and we are privileged to be growing up in such a wonderful place. So it would seem odd not to care for it and even stranger when we actually destroy and pollute it. The universe around our planet is to say the least inhospitable and would be a strange and impossible place to live.

As we are perched on the edge of a global environmental crisis, we can see just how closely our health is inextricably linked to the health of our planet, whether through the food we eat, the water we drink or the air we breath. For millennia ancient cultures have known and valued this connection. However, nowadays we are increasingly loosing this wisdom and are subjecting ourselves to all kinds of pollution on a daily basis. These subtle influences and toxins  are being increasingly shown to have a negative impact on many aspects of our health, particularly in the long term.

At Dulwich Acupuncture we want a world were people can enjoy long and healthy lives with family and friends. We don’t want a world where you can’t sit in the sun, swim in the sea, eat good food, drink pure water or wander through magnificent places, breathing wonderful fresh air, looking at marvellous plants and animals.

In support of this ideal Dulwich Acupuncture:

  • Uses as many recycled products as possible, e.g. office stationary, paper towels, rubbish bags and tissues
  • Recycles wherever possible, e.g. glass, paper, tins, plastic, cardboard, kitchen waste
  • Uses only environmentally friendly cleaning and other household products, e.g. Ecover washing powder for all clinic room laundry
  • Uses electricity produced in an environmentally sustainable way
  • Supports the ideals of sustainable organic agriculture, animal welfare and is opposed to genetically modified foods
  • Is a member of the following environmental charities: Friends of the Earth & Greenpeace

Our health is inextricably interwoven with the health of the planet. Let’s enjoy both.