Consultation, diagnosis and treatment

Consultation, Diagnosis and Treatment

Consultation, Diagnosis and TreatmentAt the initial appointment a full case history will be taken. A detailed understanding is necessary of current symptoms, medical history, medication and how the major systems of the body such as digestion are functioning. Emotional feelings, life style and diet are all taken into account. Diagnosis will also include observation of the tongue, palpation of the abdomen and pulse, as well as examination of any external symptoms.

Building an holistic profile of each person allows treatment to be individual and directed not just at a particular symptom but at it’s root causes. The initial consultation will probably take at least half of the first appointment with any remaining time given to treatment.

How will I feel after the treatment?

Treatment usually brings about a feeling of deep relaxation as tension ebbs away and the energy begins to rebalance. There may be a direct relief of symptoms or this may take longer to notice. People will often find an improvement in general energy levels and begin to ‘feel more themselves’ as a result of treatment.

Follow-up Treatments

At each subsequent treatment, any changes are assessed and the diagnosis rechecked. Treatment with acupuncture may produce rapid progress. However, particularly with severe or long standing problems a number of treatments over time may be necessary. An initial course of 4-8 treatments is usually recommended. This will be discussed at the initial consultation and a suitable treatment plan worked out.

Follow up treatments will last one hour.

Is there anything else I should know?

On the day of treatment it is best not to drink any alcohol or to have a long hot bath or shower. It is also ideal to take it easy for 24 hours following treatment and drink an extra glass or two of water.

Hygiene and Safety

At Dulwich Acupuncture hygiene and safety are of the utmost importance. All needles are ‘single use pre-sterilised disposable’ needles that are only opened just prior to use and discarded safely afterwards. There is therefore no risk of infection.

Professional Standards

At Dulwich Acupuncture all our acupuncturists are registered by the UK’s governing body the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC). This means they have undertaken a full three year training at a BAcC accredited college, are fully insured and are bound by the BAcC’s codes of Ethics, Professional Conduct and Professional Practice. A British Acupuncture Council registered practitioner will have the letters MBAcC after their name.