Dao Marma Massage

(Women Only)

This unique therapy is a combination of Chinese Dao Yin massage & Indian Ayurvedic massage.

This full body massage is a therapy that combines the flow of an Abhyanga oil massage and pressure on specific points. This is blended with spiral shaped Dao Yin movements, synchronized with different breathing rhythms which give a deep energetic stimulus. By these techniques possible blockages or stagnations can be relieved, so the tissues and their surrounding meridians (energy channels) can function optimally again.

The massage is applied on the vital acupuncture and marma points, with herbal oils which are chosen carefully in accordance with the complaint.

The 117 marma points and 365 acupuncture points are points where Prana or Qi (life force) is concentrated. These points are the doors to the energy network of our body.

Using heat, the profound Dao Yin movements burn off the cellular toxins and in this way, certain ailments can be prevented and healed.

The warm herbal oil nourishes the skin and deeper tissues, strengthens the nervous system, helps releasing emotions and calms the mind.

The massage is preceded by a pulse diagnosis, so each treatment is individually tailored to your personal needs.